img147June 11. ’15: In this favorite month of mine I’m repurposing clay, putting bits of watercolor onto some sketches in my journal, simplifying my home, hiking, cleaning sandy little feet, hanging laundry on the clothesline, finishing up the next issue of Soul Gardening Journal

January 27. ’15: I’ve had many inquiries about selling my poppy watercolors and pottery, offering clay classes to the public and doing little commissions. I hope to in the future but please note that as of right now I have nothing for sale nor any official business. I am not professionally doing my artwork but simply running my collaborative non profit project: Soul Gardening Journal, (editing, illustrating, writing and doing layout within) making art with my children and doing some clay and watercolor classes as part of an artisans exchange. But I will keep folks posted HERE and I will certainly be updating the “Press” page with any more publications.

June 1. ’13: Finished writing my children’s stories. Now embarking on illustrating them, one by one. Slowly but surely….