REGISTRATION FOR WINTER YOUTH POTTERY CLASSES NOW OPEN. It fills up fast, so register soon. (See class catalogue for details.)
NEW: Adult Classes Now available! See Adult Classes Page.

HOLIDAY SALE : December 16th, 2-6PM

Hazel Dell, Vancouver WA. This will be our first Wood + Clay + More Annual Sale! There will be strung lights, wine and cheese, and work by Patricia Haggerty, myself and other local artists! Come say hi!!



(contact me for address. (360)907-2487  or )


Eliza Clay ships! I make most basic dishes for the home (pottery master-list coming soon) and am taking orders. Simply fill out form below and we can get the ball rolling on a custom order! Please allow 6-8 weeks for custom orders to be processed!



If you just want some beautiful pottery to arrive at your doorstep but don’t want the hassle of custom ordering communication, these boxes are ideal.  Please select your box choice(s) and then be sure to fill out the form below!
All boxes are packaged with extra love + care and go out using flat rate priority boxes.Next shipments will go out in February. You will placed in a queue that is first-come-first-serve as new pottery becomes available. (Note: this box is not good for picky customers with specifications. But: rest assured: I don’t ever sell / box anything that is ugly or has flaws. (All glaze tests + pots with flaws go onto my 5-10$ discount shelf in my shop. )


Assortment Sampling Box

This box will be filled with a sampling of my signature pots: 1 standard soup/porridge bowl, 2 condiment bowls, 1 mug, 1 tea-steeping bowl, 1 “tiny cup for tiny hands”, 1 sea salt dish, 1 water cup.



The Tea Lover’s Box

Perfect for folks who want to cradle the tea in their hands. These are larger than coffee mugs. -4 Mugs, standard medium size with good generous handles. -4 tea-steeping bowls for the tops. (pour-sit-steep-take out teabag.) -1 medium milk pitcher (holds enough milk for four tea drinkers.) (This can be a set/all the same colors or can be a sampling of current glaze lineups!)



The Coffee Lover’s Box

My coffee mugs are smaller than tea mugs, but still hold a good 10 oz of coffee with cream. This box is perfect for French Press or individual pour-over coffee folks. -4 Coffee Mugs -1 sugar bowl -1 small cream pitcher



The Espresso Lover’s Box

Stove top espresso people! Whether you’re making coffee for good friends, lovers or siblings, these two little cups are the perfect size for sharing a half a pot of the Bialetti's espresso! Includes: 2 demitasse cups 1 sugar bowl 1 small pitcher for cream 1 decorative small plate for your breakfast or afternoon treats!





I also offer assortment boxes (below) if you just want some beautiful pottery to arrive at your doorstep and want me to decide for you!