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Made-to-Order System:

I love what I do but especially love it when you guys tell me what you want/need. It brings me great joy to create dishes for use in homes, bringing more beauty into everyday lives . Rather than accepting full payments upfront, I prefer to create the pottery first and then offer to you when it is finished, to be sure you love it enough. To secure a place “in line” in my studio notebook, you put $50 down. This will be credited towards your order total. When I have finished making your pots and they are completely fired and successful, I’ll then package it all up in my custom RainCloudMama colors and find the right box fit to safely ship them out. I will then bill you for the remaining balance, calculating in your $50 credit. Once full payment is received, it will be shipped within 1-2 weeks. I package all pottery with plenty of padding around each individual pot to safely deliver them to your doorstep. In the very rare case that this would happen (this has never happened in my history of making pottery) , if you place an order with me now and are not satisfied with the studio result down the road, you may opt out of the full order and I will find another home for your pottery. However, the $50 down is non refundable. My price list is below and can be downloaded.

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Made to Order price list