Sia is a potter, watercolor artist and writer/editor. She sees beauty and color in the everyday and strives to create and celebrate that herself through her art.

Born in beautiful Berkeley, CA to a midwife and carpenter, she grew up in a place of vibrant color and character. Her childhood was steeped in beauty, culture and ventures into the natural world, most frequently the Marin Headlands on the coast. Just out of her doorstep were neighborhoods teeming with plants such as eucalyptus, bay laurel, rose, jasmine and citrus trees. Come age 13 she was transplanted to Eastern Ohio for the rest of her childhood where she fell in love with family culture and farming. When she was 16 she studied watercolor painting in Maine on Vinalhaven Island and around the same time discovered great satisfaction working with clay under a potter-friend who was homesteading in the foothills of Appalachia. After spending half a year abroad in Scotland where she nannied four little boys during the week and did lots of walking on the weekends, she went on to study pottery back in the states by going the apprenticeship route. The highlight of her young-mother years were her kitchen table art sessions with her children. She has four sons and two daughters and makes her home in Vancouver, Washington in the beautiful Columbia River Valley where she has recently resumed her work as studio potter.

She is mother to four sons and two daughters.