cropped-163.jpgPotter and Teacher: Sia is a functional potter with a background in wood-firing and production. Her education in this field was the traditional apprenticeship / immersion route, working under and with a rotation of several Master Potters for 5 months and before that intensively as a studio apprentice for professional potters in two different states. She has always been a natural teacher, ranging from piano and guitar lessons to kids’ choral presentations to art lessons. Merging form and function, she creates dishes for everyday use, therefore bringing beauty into our daily lives and ordinary motions. Her love of pottery is rooted in her lifelong love of tea and the cradling of mugs. This became such a grounding routine in her day that she was determined to create the dishes that she wanted to hold. Her love for wind, weather and water is the spirit breathing life into her clay-work.

Watercolor and Folk Artist: Sia studied watercolor painting in Maine on Vinalhaven Island with local celebrated artists. They remain a huge inspiration to her, especially in her watercolor journaling endeavors. The highlight of her young-mother years were the numerous kitchen-table art sessions with her children and she delights in reading to her young people books illustrated by inspiring, humorous artists  Helen Oxenbury, Mairi Hedderwick and Marla Frazee, to name a few. Along with her friend Mary Pemberton, she does simple folk-art illustrations for Soul Gardening Journal and is currently working on watercolor illustrations for her children’s books. In the meantime, she is stocking her inventory for her paper offerings including stationary, calendars, prints, notecards and more.

Doula: From a very young age, Sia has been passionate about womanhood, the feminine, and what our bodies are capable of and created to do, physically and intuitively. Passionate about motherhood on the whole, for the past decade+ of being a mother herself, she has prioritized woman-support in all kinds of ways, both through her ministry of her paper mother’s magazine (Soul Gardening Journal) and through service to her own community. She is an advocate of postpartum rest, healing and essential mama-baby bonding and is a firm believer in embracing the present and savoring this quickly-passing chapter of life. She considers it an honor and a gift to be able to serve women in this capacity and you can view her services here.

Writer and Editor: Sia grew up in a literature-rich home and was raised by two writers who were ruthless when it came to grammar and Good writing. While her writing education was excellent, she personally takes a more casual approach by weaving her writing into her creative endeavors such as her paper mother’s magazine and children’s stories. She has written several reflections, essays and five children’s books which she hopes to publish someday.

Sia is mother to four sons and two daughters. A transplant from the Bay Area and Eastern Ohio, she currently makes her home in the Columbia River Valley of SW Washington state. Life with children in the home continues to be a life-giving gift and art in and of itself.