Postpartum Services

Introducing my new launch/website: BLOOMING MOTHERS DOULA CO!

I have just begun practicing as a Postpartum Doula serving women through the fourth trimester of recovery, nursing, nourishment, household and meal support and whatever moral support is needed. Babies bring with them huge tide-shifting in households and I aim to offer the support each mother needs in her own unique circumstances. Whether you’re a seasoned mother having your 6th or a first time mama who’s never done this before, I am here to support, educate, empower and advocate for Mother and Child: a bond like no other!


Hiring a Doula Makes a great baby shower gift, or gift from relatives to support the household/ parents through the post-baby transitory period.

I am not (at this time) offering Birth Doula Services as I cannot be on call for births.

If you are in need of a doula, have questions, want to set up a consultation, or would like to treat a mother you know to my Postpartum care post-birth, send me a message and I’ll respond! 

My background/education: At the age of 16, growing up with a mother who was a CNM, I was eating up her Midwifery Today magazines, reading birth stories from other nursing journals, and even read Spiritual Midwifery front-to-back. I have been honored to attend births with her, watched three of my five siblings be born, and have had the honor of caring for/attending many post partum mamas. I also have given birth to/successfully breastfed my own sweet 6 babies! While qualified to serve as a doula right now, I am, in addition, currently working on receiving my certification through the International Doula Institute. This will help me eventually become affiliated with hospitals to further build my clientele.

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