13Sia offers unique postpartum and prenatal support, serving women in all stages from expectancy to recovery through necessary practical household support, nourishment through meals and fresh food and breastfeeding support. Whether you’re a seasoned mother having your 6th and just need a hand or are a first-time mama who’s never done this before, she’s here to support, educate, empower and advocate for Mother and Child.

Over on the website you’ll find sweet bundles designed to suit each families’ unique needs from Cherry Blossom Special to Family Postpartum Package.

Sia’s own experience of being a seasoned mother of six brings an expertise not often found in the Doula world. She specializes in pain management, powerful-mindset coaching for labor, delivery and nursing; empathy/experienced support for moms going through tough times with not-so-ideal circumstances; and self-advocacy. You can read more here.


Magnolia: Prenatal or Postpartum Guidance

Personable, friendly support and coaching via internet. Includes 1hour or 3 20-minute meetings.


Prenatal Guidance: Coaching for physical preparation of birth: preparing the household, laying down solid, healthy routines for siblings, decluttering the house, meal prep ideas and game plans, building a network of support around you, arranging meal support, helping you to plan for your birth and recovery. Coaching in mental preparation for the coming birth, including mindset tools for pain, labor and breasfeeding. Email/phone/text support included.

Postpartum Guidance: Breastfeeding support, troubleshooting, and being proactive in avoidance of infections from clogged ducts. Simple restful days coaching: learning to be OK with letting stuff go and prioritizing baby while also juggling other needs in the home. Leads on resources and contacts for continual postpartum support, including nutritional balancing/coaching. Email/phone/text support is included.

Postpartum and prenatal doula care are overlooked! Hiring a Doula Makes a great baby shower gift, or gift from relatives to support the household/ parents through the post-baby transitory period.  


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