Eliza Clay merges form & function, bringing beauty into our everyday lives. These beautiful vessels for the home are created from Stoneware clay bodies and are all food, oven and dishwasher safe. All pots are currently being fired to cone 6 in an electric kiln.

Sia is a studio potter and teacher in Vancouver, WA.

I learned to throw pots at the wheel when I was 15 and went on to work hard as a ceramic studio apprentice, studying with professional potters. My aim is to create not just any old ceramics but stunning work. I have lived in the Pacific Northwest, land of waterfalls, ocean and volcanoes, for 16 years now and my love runs deep for the whites and textures of the coastline shells, the towering majestic firs and cedars, the many variants of blue-greens in rivers, lakes and the ocean and, last but not least, the grays and whites of the comforting rainclouds overhead. With my roots in the California coast, Sierra Nevada mountains and the Appalachians, and a lifetime of love for wind, weather, water and storms, I have worked hard to creat ceramic work that reflects all of this. Most of my work is wheelthrown but some offerings will include some of my hand built work which I make alongside my children and students in the studio.

Pottery is one of the most expensive investments in beauty because it costs so much to ship. In taking notes the past three years of shipping out my pottery orders to pottery lovers, I now have an efficient system and process that I have found to be the most economical for my customers and for me. I use Priority Mail since they are so dependable and I have had only one casualty in my pottery shipments among hundreds. The flat rate shipping is also less costly than going by the weight of the pots. The cost of mailing includes shipping supplies to make the box pretty/safely bound/padded and the time spent packaging everything up with love and attention.

I try to reuse as much as I can in my packaging, be it a grocery bag, a cardboard box or a bubble wrap mailer. I save it all and reuse for my packaging wherever I can. By shopping with me you are helping to preserve our planet’s stunning gifts and beauty.

Everything in the studio has been created with reverence for the medium and the process and it brings me joy to know this is going to another person who appreciates it. My packages will always have my favorite RainCloud Mama colors, hand-drawn notes and cards and artistic touches throughout.

Youth ceramics classes can be found at Firmly Planted Homeschool Resource Center. Registration for the Spring semester will open shortly after Christmas; sign up for their newsletter to receive that update. Some classes fill quickly.

Private wheel throwing classes are available by appointment. Get in touch directly:

siahoyt@gmail.com | (360)907-2487