I have been passionate about the beauty of birth and the powerful bond between mama & baby for as long as I can remember. As the eldest daughter of a successful midwife, as a teenager I began attending births and providing for the many needs surrounding this transition. After giving birth to my own 6 children, I know firsthand how delicate and varied this experience can be. I come to your bedside with an expertise not often found in the Doula world. It is an honor to serve you.

Offering experienced care surrounding the birth of your baby. Whether you’re a seasoned or first-time mother, Magnolia is here to bring you moral and practical support.

CHERRY BLOSSOM (Postpartum/Prenatal)

Support for you before of after your birthing day, with newborn/mama Q+A. Breastfeeding education/support. Delivery of fresh flowers, fresh fruit, homemade meal, coffee/tea. I tidy-up, wash dishes and rotate your laundry if desired. $200

BABY MOON (Postpartum)

For three separate or consecutive days I come to take care of you, cook a meal and care for the baby while you get a shower or a nap in, offering Q&A support. With this package comes laundry folding, dish washing, and daily meals. The most popular booking, this is perfect for moms with partners who can’t get enough time off work or who don’t have the extended family support they need at this time. These are the most important days when it comes to giving you and baby the rest and bonding you deserve and keeping the rest of the household running well. 3 days, 3 hours each. $400

ROSE BOUQUET (Postpartum)

Think: cups of tea, oranges, uninterrupted showers, chocolate, naps, bowls of hot soup, a water glass that never gets empty. I am your right-hand. This premium Mother-Baby experienced care includes tidying and freshening up of the house, assistance with the household tasks you want to get to but can’t because you’re spending so much time resting and nursing. 3 hours per day for 5 days of your choice. $600


This is for newbies as they enter their first-baby chapter. I bring moral support and tips on infant care including breastfeeding instruction/support, engorgement preparation, mastitis prevention. I come with a big heart and a boatload of wisdom and experience that the hospital and nurses can’t compare to. Great for a first-time-mama baby shower gift. $75, 1 hour

BIRTH PREP (Prenatal)

Natural labor preparation, home birth prep, or wrapping up of nesting projects. Mental and emotional support in preparation for the birth, specializing in Positive Mindset Coaching and “breathing down the baby” intuitive birthing ways. 1.5 hours, $150


If packages aren’t your thing: I come to you for however many custom hours you need to provide you with nourishment, support, practical guidance, emotional and physical support, newborn baby care and breastfeeding support (if needed). Min. 2 hours. $48/hr.

STAR (Family Postpartum)

Full 6-day week of 4-hour days. All of the above including basic housework, sibling care, mother-baby care, newborn care and breastfeeding coaching if desired. $950

GIFT CERTIFICATE (Baby Shower/Family Support)

Complimentary hand-drawn baby shower cards are created with lovely floral designs describing the service or value for shopping you are gifting to the mother. Once service is booked, I will create and provide this custom-made gift to you for your justifiably pampered recipient in Eliza Paper celebrated style.

Sia is absolutely the person I want at my side for the early moments after birth—she’s got wisdom, compassion, energy and insight to serve and support in any situation or moment. You will love every minute with her.”

-Maddy Pidel

Let’s find a time to connect over tea or coffee.

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