Experienced care surrounding the birth of your baby. Whether you’re a seasoned or first-time mother, Magnolia is here to bring you emotional and practical postpartum and prenatal support.


Service packages of all varieties to suit your current needs. Are you expecting a baby and wondering how you’re going to juggle it all after baby comes, let alone do any resting? Are you expecting a baby for the first time and needing someone experienced to turn to? What do you need the most right now? An uninterrupted shower, help tidying up the house? Chocolate, tea and oranges? From breastfeeding support and cloth diapering tutorials to simply helping you keep your water glass full, I’m here to help. Custom build a support package that works for you. From CHERRY BLOSSOM to STAR, packages start at $75 and range from an hour to multiple days.

new baby gift Looking to gift a new mother or an entire family with awesome support? This is a lovely way to do it. Hiring a Doula Makes a great baby shower gift, or gift from relatives to support the household/parents through the post-baby transitory period. Postpartum and prenatal doula care are overlooked! You set an amount or custom build the mother’s package and I design & create a unique gift certificate card for Mama & baby describing the services and, if you wish, display the value for shopping you are gifting to the mother.

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.
Robert Browning

Sia is absolutely the person I want at my side for the early moments after birth—she’s got wisdom, compassion, energy and insight to serve and support in any situation or moment. You will love every minute with her.”

-Maddy Pidel

For a complete list of package offerings and prices, or to schedule an interview, get in touch directly: | (360)907-2487

I have been passionate about the beauty of birth and the powerful bond between mama & baby for as long as I can remember. As the eldest daughter of a successful midwife, as a teenager I began attending births and providing for the many needs surrounding this transition. After giving birth to my own 6 children, I know firsthand how delicate and varied this experience can be. I come to your bedside with an expertise not often found in the Doula world. It is an honor to serve you.