mama + baby care

Through practical household support, encouragement, nourishment, breastfeeding support and counsel, Sia offers unique, experienced postpartum and prenatal support. Whether you’re a seasoned mother having your 6th baby and just need a hand or are a first-time mama who’s never done this before, she’s here to support, educate and advocate for Mother and Child. She brings the help and tools you need for a healthy, restful, healing “fourth trimester”.

The fairy godmother of your postpartum home, Sia comes in to do everything that you want to be doing as you look from the couch but can’t, because all of your time is spent nursing: dishes, laundry, food prep. Freshening up the home. Working through laundry piles. Caring for the baby while you get a NAP or a SHOWER in; fancy that! Your water glass will be kept full, your mugs of tea never ending and your counters wiped down. The primary focus is to help you prepare for birth and to recover from birth. She can meet the needs of the entire household and family.

Sia’s own experience of being a seasoned mother of six brings an expertise not often found in the Doula world. Passionate about the mama-baby bond, she’ll bring to your house confidence, peace and a smile. She is flexible and thoughtful, personal yet professional. She loves being of support to YOU. The daughter of a midwife, by the age of 16 she’d already read Ina May Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery and Babies, Birth and Breastfeeding, attended 6 births, and had helped out in the homes of at least half a dozen busy families in their postpartum weeks, holding babies, folding laundry, making meals and washing dishes.

Are you expecting a baby and wondering how you’re going to juggle it all after baby comes, let alone do any resting? Are you expecting a baby for the first time and needing someone experienced to turn to? For rates, service packages and availability, get in touch via email or fill out this form! 

Also offering: complimentary Baby Shower gifts with purchase of a package. Sia specializes in pain management + powerful-mindset coaching, emotional support for tough times in not-so-ideal circumstances, bereavement care. 

Postpartum and prenatal doula care are overlooked! Hiring a Doula Makes a great baby shower gift, or gift from relatives to support the household/ parents through the post-baby transitory period.  GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE!


spring in Calistoga

The Magnolia flower symbolizes dignity and nobility, perfect symbols of womanly beauty and gentleness. The pink represents gentleness, love and femininity.

The Holy Mystery of the Visitation is foundational to Sia’s passion for Mama and Baby Care. Her middle name given at birth being Eliza, she went on to adopt Elizabeth, cousin of Mary, for her patron saint; through the meditations on Mysteries of the rosary she was drawn to the Mystery of the Visitation and it has remained close to hear heart. In greeting her sisters in this work and in her daily life, Sia is deeply thankful for Christ’s life-giving Light therein.