Friends, it’s that time of year when your local private radio station does their drive, the schools do their fundraisers and everyone asks for your support. I’m asking for yours.  I believe I have a strong, bright contribution to the world of art. I am passionate about celebrating beauty and color in the everyday. This fall I am excited to be able to offer several more pieces of work and I am so excited to have finally found a local press which accurately prints my palette!  But I need your financial support to get this project off the ground. I invite you to be a part of Eliza Paper by helping to launch all this off the ground, be it with $5 or $500. No matter how large or small, every bit helps. Thank you! To make a PayPal donation, click  HERE .

I have several books in the works as well. Contact: or (360)907-2487 for all general art inquiries.


Garden Poppies poster, printed at 12” x 15.5”on high-quality paper; ready for a frame. Light and Dark Sky. $25 each.

And Garden Poppies note cards are back, but in dark and light (dark not pictured):






Check out this homespun paper mother’s magazine where I’m honored to be co founder, co editor, writer and artist: SOULGARDENINGJOURNAL.COM is where you can find us. We are a non profit ministry centered around supporting the role of  mothers everywhere by fostering encouragement, connection, inspiration and beauty. I’m on a crew of five amazing women (dear friends) including: Hope of the Hope and Justin folk band, Margaret Ryland, musician, Mary of the Flying Squirrel Journals, Ellie of the Bleeding Pelican ,  and Ursula eclectic vintage collector of Indigo Market, and finally, my own dear mother Dru who is a regular columnist and our grammar-grandmother. We all craft Soul Gardening Journal about 2-3 times a year whenever we have the (donated) funds to print & ship them all out. Published under the patronage of Our Lady of Nazareth, it is shipped worldwide to several different countries, going into the hands of over 2,000 (mostly)women-readers. Inside each issue is a compilation of articles, reflections, prayers, artwork and recipes. You can sign up to receive this publication by emailing our team here: