Garden Poppies poster, printed at 12” x 15.5”on high-quality paper; ready for a frame. Light and Dark Sky. $25 each.

And Garden Poppies note cards are back, but in dark and light (dark not pictured):






Check out this homespun paper mother’s magazine where I’m honored to be co founder, co editor, writer and artist: SOULGARDENINGJOURNAL.COM is where you can find us. We are a non profit ministry centered around supporting the role of  mothers everywhere by fostering encouragement, connection, inspiration and beauty. I’m on a crew of five amazing women (dear friends) including: Hope of the Hope and Justin folk band, Margaret Ryland, musician, Mary of the Flying Squirrel Journals, and Ursula eclectic vintage collector of Indigo Market, and finally, my own dear mother Dru who is a regular columnist and our grammar-grandmother. We all craft Soul Gardening Journal about 2-3 times a year whenever we have the (donated) funds to print & ship them all out. Published under the patronage of Our Lady of Nazareth, it is shipped worldwide to several different countries, going into the hands of over 2,000 (mostly)women-readers. Inside each issue is a compilation of articles, reflections, prayers, artwork and recipes. You can sign up to receive this publication by emailing our team here: