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Eliza Clay + Blooming Mothers Doula Co. presents:

HEART + HANDS POTTERY GATHERING JUNE 2019 // BOWLS: vessel, Core, Nest, Fire🔥

Saturday, June 1st, 4:30-6:30 PM, Portland, Oregon 

bowlsBowls signify so much more than a dish on a table. Come to create, celebrate, and discuss this ancient central form! Create a bowl of your own by hand building, forming, carving, sponging and decorating …. I will fire later for you to keep! This is a women’s-only therapeutic, edifying afternoon off, placing on hold our busy lives and to-do lists to get in touch with, and honor, our deepest core, leaning into the stillness and joy of working with our hands, honoring this symbolic/functional form.  What do bowls mean to you? What impact do they have on our world? I invite guests to share their own wisdom. I have a fun surprise planned for this event that will make this special and unique! There will be nourishing food for all to enjoy as well as hot herbal teas available to drink out of Eliza Clay mugs! Tell/tag a friend!

Admission: $54 at the door (cash or card)

early bird ticket

early bird specials! 

Now through May 30th I’m offering advance discounted prices for early bird ticket bundles! (discounts of 15-20% off)

$54 $46 solo ticket  //  $108$86 duo ticket bundle ($43 per person) // $162  $120 trio ticket bundle($40 per person)  //  $216  $152 quad ticket bundle ($38 per person)

This specific gathering will be especially fitting for mothers, women who have weathered any kind of storms and are on a healing journey from physical or emotional pain, (or both) and for women who want to dig a little deeper with head-heart-core mindsets! This will be a rich, meditative, therapeutic gathering for women who want to embrace their deepest core/fire within and “get in touch” with body-mind-spirit.

Side note: This event is the first of what I hope to be many in a Heart + Hands series and I am thrilled to be able to hold this inaugural gathering at Ellie Legare’s new acupuncture office space. She delivered 4 out of my 6 sweet babies at home and so this event is making history! A melding of my new business, Blooming Mothers Doula Co. and Eliza Clay Pottery, this event is very close to my heart!

If you plan on attending, please let me know by filling out this this form below by May 30th! This will help me plan the food details.


past events:

Vessels of Christ: an art show

Work by Defilippis Art Studio + Eliza Clay | Portland, Oregon, Feb 22-24th, 2019

Saturday 4-8

Sunday 10-1:30

Holy Rosary Catholic Church , Portland Oregon

There will be pottery and prints on display and for sale! This event is open to the public! Stop by to say hello!

Vessels of Christ is an art show celebrating the work that Christ can do through us. We invite you to join us in looking to Christ’s mind, not our own, for Truth. To Christ’s heart for Love. To Christ’s eye for Beauty.

The work of both artists is Christocentric as we strive to, through our work, unify ourselves with Christ so as to create pieces that point to something higher: to Christ Himself, to all Good and Beauty. We do not do the work we do to find ourselves.  Rather, we do our work to find Christ!

There is beauty in the ordinary, the everyday. Christ wants to meet us right there in the pots and pans, the making of tea and toast, the scrubbing of floors. If the corners and cupboards of our homes become places of beauty, our minds and hearts can even more be gladdened, we are better able to lift up our everyday motions and to find strength in He who sanctified our daily life and the work of our hands.

We are but vessels, hollow containers for the carrying of water, are also known as ships, sailing boats. The combination of the two meanings of this word touches deeply on the joy of being a Catholic artist: Like Mary who carried Christ, we too strive to empty ourselves and say our fiats, yearning to be filled with Christ so we can carry Him into the world. We are sailing eastward, towards Christ Himself in the Eucharist. May all Catholic artists be Christ-bearers, vessels with Christ’s spirit who gives life and breath to our hands, working through us!

Every genuine art form in its own way is a path to the inmost reality of man and of the world. It is therefore a wholly valid approach to the realm of faith, which gives human experience its ultimate meaning. That is why the Gospel fullness of truth was bound from the beginning to stir the interest of artists, who by their very nature are alert to every “epiphany” of the inner beauty of things. -Pope John Paul II, letter to artists