E L I Z A  cropped-sias-zinnias

C L A Y  

OLD POTS ON SALE NOW! Bring some handmade earthiness into your home with pots that merge function and beauty. Pots only available for a limited time. See individual prices below.

As I prepare for an entirely new line of work, I am cleaning out the old. These pieces are from my several old lines, all experimentation with different types of glazes. As some pots have tiny imperfections or novice-level of form+function, some pieces are lower-priced. Please place your order via email so that I can personally verify availability: To help me streamline your orders more successfully, please put “Eliza Clay” in your subject bar. (I’m a novice at technology!) See pictures and prices below. Thanks for your support!

BELOW: Stacking Bowls, White Stoneware. Oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.

(This item is no longer available. )

Below: Small condiment bowl. Porcelain, light green celadon. Signature swirl. Oven, dishwasher and microwave safe. Foot is signed “Sia”. $8, Small chip on rim.

BELOW: Medium Vase or Small Utensil Holder (for your Shorter wooden spoons or whisks.) Red Iron glaze. Stoneware. High-fired. Dishwasher safe. $20


Wood-fired Small Dish. Stoneware, green glaze, with gorgeous ash-shimmer accent. Perfect for soap bar, sink sponges or jewelry/watch storage at your bedside. Won’t tip over. $10

(This item is no longer available.)

BELOW: Medium Serving Bowl, White Stoneware. Beautiful Eggshell White, matté. $25

(This item is no longer available. )

BELOW: Small Baked-Appetizer Dish. This item no longer available. Check back this winter for new items! $45

BELOW: Wood fired Small Espresso Mug, green exterior, gold/yellow interior, with gorgeous shimmer-ash accent. Also ideal for tiny steamers with a sprinkling of cinnamon or nutmeg. $18

(This item is no longer available. )

BELOW: Tiny Cup for tiny hands. The name says it all. Wood-fired Stoneware. Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Gold Shino glaze with gorgeous shimmer-ash accent. These are my favorites for 1-2 year-olds as they learn to hold their own cups. Also perfect for holding Q-tips in a medicine cabinet. $10

(This is my most popular item and is no longer available. Please check back this winter for more!)


Hanover Ridge Pottery was originally launched in rural, Eastern Ohio. Merging beauty + function, these pots have their roots in Japanese and English forms. Clay body is Stoneware fired to temperatures ranging from approximately 2,100-2,380 degrees F.  I create functional wheel-thrown pottery for the home, suitable for little and large hands alike. Pots range from tea bowls and children’s water-cups to large vases and salad bowls. All dishes are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. They are also non toxic, so are safe for all kitchen use.

Contact or (360)907-2487 with all pottery inquiries. Announcements will be made when pots go up for sale.

I teach CHILDREN’S CLAY CLASSES! To sign up or receive more info contact: or (360)907-2487

Your interest and support is valuable: THANK YOU!