The garage studio is now open for shopping! Listed here is just a sampling of the many pots on the studio shelves. There are shelves for little people, too, with several little items $5 and under. Come on by and see everything in-person. Call/text (360)907-2487 to make an appointment; hours are flexible.


Eliza Clay is Hanover Ridge Pottery in the Pacific Northwest. Originally launched in rural Eastern Ohio, pots are designed to merge function and beauty. A firm believer in the importance of beauty in the everyday, Sia creates wheel-thrown pottery ranging from tea bowls and children’s water-cups to large vases and salad bowls, created for everyday use in the home and garden. Most popular are her mugs and signature dishes:  Tiny Cups for Tiny Hands and the Tea-Steeping Bowls. All pots are non toxic, so are safe for all kitchen/tabletop use. Clay body is mid to high-fired Stoneware fired to temperatures ranging from approximately 2,200-2,380 degrees F. (c/6.)– so all dishes are oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.

While she’s not taking on any new commissions at this time, she has a limited small collection of pottery available for sale; some below, some in her garage studio. Call/email with inquiries.

Drawing inspiration from many potters who have gone before her, she will forever be a kneeling at the feet of the masters, in awe of this ancient and beautiful craft. Sia’s work is from the heart, an act of love, rooted in Japanese and English forms and fueled by her love for wind, weather and water. The shells used for decoration on the sides of the pots have been collected from the shores of the Puget Sound in Washington State. The spirit, coastlines and music of Scotland, Ireland and England where Sia lived for a while is a huge influence on her work. On the smaller pots, she signs with her Celtic ring purchased from a silversmith in Edinburgh. It has mysteriously stayed with her throughout all these years despite losing every other piece of jewelry…

There are many changes underway in the current garage studio and these pots are the last. Please allow 3-5 weeks for order processing/shipment. (If you’re local, come by in person to avoid shipping cost! Contact details below.)

These pieces are from the golden “Hanover Ridge Pottery” days in Ohio/Pennsylvania, fired at the Touchstone Center for Crafts. Prices include shipping and handling. If buying in-person, contact sia directly: (360)907-2487 or email siaeliza@gmail.com. To reserve your item/take it “off the market”, a $25 deposit per item must be made. Please specify which pot(s) your deposit is going towards. Venmo and PayPal handles are both siaeliza@gmail.com. Prices for local purchase is listed below each item.

Tea Bowl

Woodfired. Deep emerald green with wood ash formations. Stoneware clay body. Great vessel for any favorite beverage! 2002.


$32 Local purchase.

Flower Vase

High-Fired Porcelain. Tenmoku glaze. 8'tall x 8" shoulder width; 5" flower opening/lip. 2004.


$125 Local purchase

Raw Woodfired Vase

This little beauty is adorned with black iron brushwork and wood ash and flashing from the environment of the wood kiln. Aprox. 4.25 " tall x 5" at widest body point. Unglazed Stoneware. 2002.


$34 Local purchase

Woodfired Vase with Slipwork

Vase. Stoneware clay body with slip and wood-ash formations from the environment of the Japanese Anagama wood kiln. Decorated with white high-kaolin slip-work with a Russian folk flower. 6" tall. 2002.


$28 Local purchase

Bud Vase

High-Fired Porcelain. Tenmoku Glazed. 2004.


$48 Local purchase.

Below is the last of the 2019 lineup! (Redwood Forest will be discontinued due to studio changes.)

Family Pencil Pot

Redwood Forest glaze. c/6 Electric. 5.25" tall. 2019..


$22 local purchase

Flower Vase

Redwood Forest Line. c/6 Electric. aprox. 6" tall. 2019.


$22 local purchase

Small Flower Vase

Berkeley glaze, aprox 4.5" tall. c/6.


$18 local purchase

Storage Bowl

This beautifully carved bowl merges Sia's folk floral artwork designs with her craft of pottery. 4.25" width, 2.5" tall. This is a great bowl for everyday items or small pieces of jewelry. Make your home storage solutions aesthetically beautiful! Stoneware clay body. "Garden".


$26 local purchase

Ripple Vase

Blueberry Hill. 5" tall.


$22 local purchase

The Garage Studio is based in Vancouver, Washington, about 15 minutes north of downtown Portland, Oregon.

Shipping and handling is 25-50% of the overall cost of pieces, so if you’d like to arrange a time to come in person to pick up pottery , get in touch! (360)907-2487 or elizaclayandpaper@gmail.com.

If you live far away and would like to purchase more than a couple of items, or place a custom order, give me a call and we can do this over the phone! (360)907-2487. I do take all major credit cards via Square.


Summer class schedule coming soon!


The 5-day Art Immersion Summer Camp is for outdoor, art-loving kids, ages 6-12. Daily Schedule includes a morning art presentation, clay work, a nature walk, outdoor picnic lunch, watercolor + folk art projects. At the end of the week students come home with a rewarding art portfolios to share and keep. Summer schedule coming….


EXHIBIT:  Illuminate show, St. Stephens Catholic Church, Portland OR // For more information click here

POTTERY VENDOR: Medieval Festival, St. Stephen’s, Portland, August 2019   

HEART + HANDS POTTERY GATHERING JUNE 2019 // BOWLS: vessel, Core, Nest, Fire , presented by Eliza Clay + Blooming Mothers Doula Co, Saturday, June 1st, 4:30-6:30 PM, Portland, Oregon 

VESSELS of CHRIST: AN ART SHOW; Work by Defilippis Art Studio + Eliza Clay | Portland, Oregon, Feb 22-24th, 2019 Portland Oregon

MAKERS MARKET, a holiday event, Gather at The Studio. | December 1st, 2018, Brush Prairie, Washington

POTTERY VENDOR: Medieval Festival, Franciscan University of Steubenville, Autumn 2005

POTTERY EXHIBIT: Touchstone Resident Artists Show, 2003