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C L A Y  


Hanover Ridge Pottery began as Hanover Ridge Pottery, originally launched in rural Eastern Ohio. I merge beauty + function. Pots are fueled by the spirit, coastlines and music of of Scotland and Ireland and are rooted in Japanese and English forms. Clay body is mid to high-fired brown and gray Stoneware fired to temperatures ranging from approximately 2,100-2,380 degrees F. A firm believer in beauty in the everyday, this unique wheel-thrown pottery is for the home, suitable for little and large hands alike.   Inspired by my beauty-loving children who imitate, my pots range from tea bowls and children’s water-cups to large vases and salad bowls. All dishes are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. They are also non toxic, so are safe for all kitchen use. I collected the shells used for decoration on he sides of my pottery from the shores of the Puget Sound, Washington State, along the Admiral Strait looking north at Whidbey Island. On my smaller pots, I sign with my Celtic ring ( pictured below in the collage) that I bought at age 18 from a silversmith in Edinburgh, Scotland, and it has mysteriously stayed with me throughout all these years despite losing every other piece of jewelry… Ask me the story sometime of it’s loss and incredible discovery a decade+ later…

Contact or (360)907-2487 with all pottery inquiries. Announcements will be made when pots go up for sale.

I teach CHILDREN’S CLAY CLASSES! To sign up or receive more info contact: or (360)907-2487

BELOW: Tiny Cup for tiny hands. The name says it all. Wood-fired Stoneware. Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Gold Shino glaze with gorgeous shimmer-ash accent. ✨These are my favorites for 1-2 year-olds as they learn to hold their own cups.